Xriss Jor

Xriss Jor - كريس جر is a Lebanese/American singer/songwriter. With a reputation for powerhouse vocals she quickly built a name for herself in the Beirut scene, and toured the Middle East as the lead vocalist of “X.band”, performing in countless royal gatherings, social events and music festivals. By 2012 Xriss made a dent on The Voice - Middle East, and garnered the interest of musical legend, Quincy Jones who signed her to his management company and label, Quincy Jones Productions. A period of writing and recording followed with Xriss ultimately leaving due to creative differences.

By 2020, back in Beirut she regrouped and focused on writing new material. Now part of the coveted Spotify  RADAR programme, Xriss signed to PopArabia.


Dubai EDM duo Hollaphonic & Xriss dropped the aptly titled SAVE ME late March 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic – Supported by Spotify globally and playlisted by KISS FM UK, the record was added to over 40 influential playlists, crossed +4m streams and counting, cracked pop radio across the UK and Europe seeing viral uptake with over 14,000 Shazams in Italy alone.

PopArabia’s first artist release SAVE ME is a club banger by Xriss Jor - كريس جر and Hollaphonic

Bashar Murad

Bashar Murad - بشار مراد is a Palestinian singer/songwriter, and filmmaker producing globally influenced pop music rooted in Palestinian spirit. His music challenges stereotypes and highlights social issues facing Palestinian youth that are seldom addressed in Palestine, including living under the occupation, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ rights.

2018 was a busy year, as Bashar released several tracks which garnered regional and global attention including, “Shillet Hamal” (Bunch of Bums), Ilkul 3am Bitjawaz (Everyone’s Getting Married) and the United Nations commissioned song and music video for “Ana Zalameh” (I Am A Man). By 2019 he was touring, playing his Arabic pop gumbo across the Middle East, Europe and Canada. He also directed the video “Emta Njawzak Yamma” for Palestinian Rap Group, DAM (Cooking Vinyl), and released “Klefi / Samed”, a collaboration with Icelandic Industrial Punk band Hatari.

He has been featured in articles from CBC, The Guardian, the Globe and Mail and the BBC, with the press describing him as “The Palestinian singer blurring gender lines” and a “slightly built, mild-mannered Arabic provocateur”.

Bashar's new EP titled “Maskhara” is set for release in 2020 though PopArabia.